Home Education

Usually when education is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is schools, colleges and universities. Education, however, falls into many categories. Education is not defined only by studies as it may also be defined by the education that is passed on from parents to their child or what people may learn from watching television or reading books. Education can also be provided when an individual is working. For instance, employees and managers need to be educated so that they will be updated with the ever changing economic environment. Education is provided everywhere and at anytime but the very first place education is provided is home.Yes, education that is provided in schools is important. However, home education provides the foundation for children to build on. Just think about it, how do parents educate their young child before they are of age to go to school? The first education parents provide to their child is by teaching them how to speak. Parents would teach their child how to pronounce words and also what are the proper words to say to people. Parents would also teach their child how to write and spell words. This type of education provided by parents will give their child the basic knowledge they need or the proper foundation for them to built on when they go to school.However, education provided at home is not all about speaking and writing. Educating children on moral values and manners is also part of education. Usually a person approach a child, their parents would ask their child to greet that person. If they don’t, parents would explain the importance of politeness to them. What would happen if children are not educated on this matter? Children won’t realize that it is rude to not greet a person as they would just think that there is nothing wrong with it as their parents did not say anything to them. Parents would also educate their child on the usage of languages. They would not want their child picking up and using the wrong words at a young age.It is also important for parents to be a proper role model to their child because as children, we would look up at our parents and to be like them. Therefore, parents should be at their best behavior in front of their child in order to positively influence their child. This is why home education is possibly more important than the education provided at school because what is taught by parents will not be taught in schools and home education is essential as it opens a path way for future education.